Tuesday, February 14, 2012


   When making soap you mix your Lye and oils and stir til you get a 'Trace' or 'Trailing'. Here we have a trace. You can see it is thick. You want it as thick as pudding. When you lift the spoon and let the drips fall they should remain on top of the soap mixture. If they do not keep stirring.
   At this point when you are at a trace you can add in your scents (we use essential oils) and herbs or other additives. Then pour into your molds.
    When you get a trace, you have started the chemical reaction called Saponification. After the soap is in the mold for 24 hrs it is ready to remove. (Use gloves, it is still caustic) When 3 days have past it is no longer caustic and can be handled.  It is then best to let it continue to dry for 3 weeks. The dryer the soap the longer it will last.
  We also use a soap dish that drains well.It helps to extend the life of the soap. We enjoy making soap and love to answer questions and inspire you to try it. If you'd rather not, you know where you can buy! ;)


  1. Love the picture and now thanks to you, I want some soap and pudding to eat! lol I'll contact you about some bars...

  2. While I love the thought that one day I'll be able to make my own soap, just reading this makes me thankful that there are great people like yourself who make it so I can simply buy it. LOL


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