Thursday, February 9, 2012

Soap Talk... What all is it used for?

Been reading online here today about soap.Came across a few funny talks on some forums. Some things made me curious to know if they work and others I knew and believed. Some just sounded funny! Here are a few I read today...

1:best for dirty mouthed kids (funny... and uh no thanks)

2: kills fleas & dander on pets (Hmmm)

3: lather hides human scent for hunters (seems true from our experience)

4:put on hook for catfish bait (really? Guess bottom feeders like something clean once in a while ;)

5:better than bleach on whites and removes stains- wet, rub, wash (mmm we like it for our laundry!)

6:tied in old sock at backs of tree prevents insect invasion (known customers to do this- seems like a winner!)

7:relieves pain and itching from sunburn, mosquitoes or chigger bites & athlete's foot, just lather on and let it dry on skin (yes and this is what we also do for poison ivy)

8:keeps mosquitoes & chiggers away -rub in let dry on skin
(huh, Bugs don't like a mouth full of soap??)

9:poison ivy & poison oak rash -rub in let dry on
(yep yep! AND if you know you will be around it lather up and let it dry ahead of time. If you might sweat then avoid your face with it ) < you may react like my husband in his head shaving video... AHHHH Soap in the eyes!>

10:psoriasis, eczema & acne (YES! We love it!)

11:kills head and body lice (hmmm... Anyone care to be a guinea pig here for me??)

12:Lye Soap is also an effective cure for bad stomach aches, as unlikely as it may seem. take about a 1/4th a teaspoon of lye soap and dissolve it in four cups of warm water. Let the water cool, and after it has cooled consume the four cups of water a cup at a time throughout the day (one in the morning, then noon, etc.)
<Hmmm... She said it worked for her.... again anyone want to volunteer to try it out?>

OK that was fun! Have you found any other natural soap uses?We'd love to hear about them!


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