Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Customer reviews....

Welcome to Simply Cleansing Blog! We are a small family home based business. Our soaps are made from only plant oils, 100% Essential Oils. Our bars weigh 3 to 3.5 oz. We ship all orders the next business day.

Here are some articles that will help you know more about our soap.

Does your soap help with Eczema?
What are the benefits of Tea Tree Soap?
What is Lye?
What is Food Grade Lye?

We look forward to your business! 

Here are a few of our Customers Reviews:
     My husband and I ordered soap a couple of weeks ago from Simply Cleansing and it is wonderful! We love it and the whole family uses it!! We will definitely continue to buy from them and we highly recommend it…even without the fantastic Valentine’s sale.  
     Amanda B.

Their soap is totally fantastic. As a diabetic I continually fighting skin fungal problems. Guess what, since removing commercial products and going with the Tea Tree oil soap from these folks, not one single problem. And oh yeah, it leaves the skin soft and squeeky clean. I even use the bar soap on the scalp and the dandruff has disappeared. Great job Emily. Saving my change up for a custom knife from Patrick btw. Thanks for all that you do.
  Mike in OK

Thank you for your wonderful soaps! They truly are gentle on our family's sensitive skin. :) 

My daughter was unpacking your homemade soaps for me and said "All of these soaps smell so good mom! Mmm, this one smells like the 'experiment' gum we used to have!" Thanks for the yummy soaps, in particular the spearmint :D (and btw, I noticed when I started using the Patchouli that the smell of it made me think of Bottlecaps candy! And it does kinda smell like Coke!)  
I keep meaning to post about how much I love your soaps! I've used the lavender and lemon so far and am in love! I keep the lemon bar in the kitchen and am so impressed with how it cleans up my sloppy eater! Butter seems to be one of the worst smells to get off of his little face without giving him a bath but your soap take the smell away with just one wash and wipe! :) I'm sold. (It also helps his face not break out from some harsher soaps that do get the butter smell off!) Thank you! ♥
Tried the spearmint soap today. Loooved it. I used it on my hair and it was left feeling soft, light and clean. Honestly, I washed twice because it was so great! :D I also love that I didn't get that tight feeling on my face after my shower that I usually have. I'm so looking forward to trying the other scents!
We have been very blessed with customers that enjoy our soaps and keep coming back for more! Thank you all so much! 

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