Friday, February 10, 2012

Soap in the garden...

We have had friends hang soap in their fruit trees to deter bugs. The idea sounds like a winner. I have been reading up on it. I am hoping to get several fruit trees at some point. But also would like to use this same idea on other plants.
  I have been reading about making a soap spray to kill bugs. From what I am reading looks like it kills bugs only when they are directly sprayed. And it doesn't cause problems for other creatures. Sounds good.
 One recipe I saw said to dissolve 1 TBS of grated soap in 16 ounces of water.May need to be strained. So wait til cooled, Put in a spray bottle and use as needed.  Easy.
   The spray is good for organic gardens. Use care though, it will kill on contact it says. So watch out not to kill spiders,ladybugs, mantis or other beneficial  bugs. Just spray directly on bad bugs.
   This also should work in your home on ants and such.
  I am ready for garden time. Ready to try this out!



  1. What are you going to plant first and what will you experiment with this solution first ?

  2. Gonna start with lettuce, beets and other cold crops. I will be trying this out on bugs not in the garden first. Hoping it is a great thing!
    We have used yellow bowls with soapy water in them to attract squash bugs. I always assumed they drowned. Maybe the soap is also to blame...

  3. So cool, Emily!!! We're going to attempt to finally start a garden this Spring, so good info to know. :)


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