Wednesday, November 30, 2011


You can order here on our blog. Top right corner. We also sell our Beeswax candles here on the blog.
And ofcourse on our website

We have some customers that prefer not to use Paypal. If you are one you can email us We can give you a total and our address to mail your check or money order to.

You can also order by phone 785-447-0708

We look forward to your business!
Thank you!

Survival Podcast!

We had a fun weekend with friends Jack and Dorothy Spirko. And made this podcast with Jack. It was great fun! Hope you enjoy it. (and don't hear my shakiness too much)


Monday, November 28, 2011

Laundry Soap!

We had a great break for Thanksgiving! Pray yours was lovely also!
Today we are going to make Laundry soap. We have 2 recipes that we are doing. 1 is our normal recipe. The other is new to see which one we like better. We will be posting recipes and pictures of the process later.
We like knowing what goes into our soaps. We have several in our family with sensitive skin.Which greatly limits out options of soaps. We do what we can to make all we use.
And we can personally scent them to our choices. Yum!

Have a Great Day!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Our site is back up and running!

Please check out our store! We will be adding products over the next few mths. We are working to grow and expand the store. We are thankful for our long time customers and new ones! And pray by growing the store we can better serve and bless our customers.

Have a great day!


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Our Family Blog

We have a family blog at Come see what we have been doing!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Our site is currently down due to a server issue. We are doing all we can to get it up quickly. For the time being we moved the store here. You can order on the side bar.

Scroll down and see new products and other changes. We love serving our customers and get packages out quickly. We look forward to doing business with you soon!

Thank you for stopping by!


Photo taken and designed by our oldest. :)


We are adding a new yummy soap to our line up!

CINNAMON! It is a yummy,warm scent and so fun to add in for the holidays!

Cinnamon essential oil is germicidal,antiseptic,and anti fungal!Just the aroma alone is said to help relieve depresssion,drowsyness, irritability,pain and frequency of headaches.Topically can relax sore achy muscles and joint pain.

We really enjoy this soap!


New! Beeswax Candles!

12 inch Tapers

Bear with Skep 2.5 inches tall

Carved Egg 4 in tall candle
Beautiful best seller!

3 1/4 inch tall round candle

Skep 3 inch candle

Square Pillar Candle just over 4 inches tall

Weighs a LB!

We are adding a new line to our store! Beeswax candles! My Dad is a beekeeper. I bought my first molds when I was a young teen. I started to sell candles then at craft shows and farmers market. It was a fun hobby that I did for a few yrs and started back up in the spring. It has been so fun! Didn't know how I missed it!

Our wax is from my Dad's bees in central KS and also from a local Amish beekeeper here in Missouri. It is a beautiful golden color! And has a light honey scent. We use quality cotton wicks. 100% beeswax no additives.We leave the wick long so before burning TRIM them. Otherwise it will burn too fast and may cause problems.

We have a few available right now. With more styles to come in the future! You can order on the side bar right now. Our main site is down. I will explain in another post.

Thanks for looking!


Lavender Soap!

Lavender has a lovely sweet floral scent! Very relaxing! And fresh smelling. Our Lavender soap has lavender buds and lavender essential oil.
Lavender is known to be soothing to cuts, burns and skin irritations. It disinfects the skin and scalp. It is added to baby soaps to encourage good relaxing sleep, it is great for tense muscles, muscle aches, sprains and tension.
We like to bath our children in it at night to help them rest and smell pretty. Amazes me how long the smell lingers on them!
A nice pretty soap! We really like it!

Spearmint Soap!!

Our Spearmint Soap now contains Powdered comfrey leaf to color the soap a lovely green color! And adds benefits!
Comfrey is a bone knitting herb, great for skin problems,burns,helps with yeast infections,can help to clean and heal wounds!
We love comfrey for its healing of eczema. It is the best soap we have found to treat our daughters eczema!
Spearmint is a anti septic, anti spasmodic,disinfectant,promotes relaxing, bug repellant,and helps acne.

Our Peppermint soap now has Comfrey added also! We love the benefits and color!

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