Monday, November 14, 2011

New! Beeswax Candles!

12 inch Tapers

Bear with Skep 2.5 inches tall

Carved Egg 4 in tall candle
Beautiful best seller!

3 1/4 inch tall round candle

Skep 3 inch candle

Square Pillar Candle just over 4 inches tall

Weighs a LB!

We are adding a new line to our store! Beeswax candles! My Dad is a beekeeper. I bought my first molds when I was a young teen. I started to sell candles then at craft shows and farmers market. It was a fun hobby that I did for a few yrs and started back up in the spring. It has been so fun! Didn't know how I missed it!

Our wax is from my Dad's bees in central KS and also from a local Amish beekeeper here in Missouri. It is a beautiful golden color! And has a light honey scent. We use quality cotton wicks. 100% beeswax no additives.We leave the wick long so before burning TRIM them. Otherwise it will burn too fast and may cause problems.

We have a few available right now. With more styles to come in the future! You can order on the side bar right now. Our main site is down. I will explain in another post.

Thanks for looking!


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