Tuesday, February 28, 2012


We are really busy here right now. Several things going at once. 
We are working on new products. You'll see in a blog post tomorrow.  Today I am working on labels for them.
We just got over 200 chicks in last week. Layers and meat birds. Really excited! They are sweet!
Our school year is drawing to a close. For which I am thankful. Gardening will soon be here and we need more time to do it. 
Making lots of soap this week. 15 batches is our minimum goal. We are 1/3 there. Yeah!  New bars coming soon! In March we are bringing back a bar we used to sell. Excited to get it back in here!
Also working on the website. We are trying to get it set up so we have the ability to add product as needed. That should be up here soon! Really liked the look of our last one. Wish we could have left it. But we need it to be functional on our end without asking for help. The look is growing on me. ;)


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