Thursday, December 8, 2011

Soap Curing...

This is our soap curing shelf. About a thousand bars are there now. We are making a couple batches a week right now. (200- 400 bars) It is great!
And it smells so yummy here! The bars sit here to air dry 3-4 weeks. We then package and mail them out. The dryer the bar the longer it lasts.
When you are using your soap if you have a soap dish that drains well your soap will last longer. We use a wooden one at our sinks. It works well.
We really enjoy making soap. And seeing full shelves is wonderful! They empty out fast when cured though.
If you have never tried out soap please do! I think you will be satisfied. If for some reason you are not please let us know. We do all we can to make things right!

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