Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Little Secret!!!

Here is a little secret, we mail our soap in priority flat rate envelopes. It cost 5 dollars to mail so if you buy one bar it is 5 dollars for shipping... if you buy the 8 bars you get one bar free and it is 5 dollars shipping.... If you buy two 8 packs you get two bars FREE and you pay 5 DOLLARS shipping!!! crazy I know but you are saving money to fill the package up.( disclaimer: you will actually be charged more than that on paypal but we will refund the difference of the shipping cost!) Ok So I made it even easier I now have a button over there on the right go to the drop down list and select 16 pack and it is $45.00 for 16 Bars and FREE SHIPPING!!! That saves even more than the two 8 packs.

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