Tuesday, December 20, 2011

    Patrick was working on knives last night and I had to slice soap. We are putting in a lot of work hours right now. I like to be early to bed but since I couldn't be I made Hot Chocolate for 2. And we were able to sit for a couple minutes and enjoy it. So nice! 
    We have more soap supplies coming in the mail any day. Then making more soap. We have more soap ready. We are doing pretty well at keeping on top of soap supply. It is funny how things go in spurts. One day most orders will be Tea Tree. The next Lavender. Almost like the customers get together and talk it over ahead of time.
   If you have soap scent ideas let us know! We hope to add in several over the next year!


1 comment:

  1. Soap scent ideas:
    Aloe Calendula
    Rosemary Mint

    One for gardener's with cornmeal grits for removing garden dirt, grime etc.

    Insect repellent soap

    Foot soap

    Soap for hunters, fishermen, outdoorsy folks

    Poison ivy soap

    Shampoo bars


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