Wednesday, December 28, 2011


We get lots of requests for information on which soaps of ours are best for eczema and other skin rashes.

     Eczema is a skin inflammation which can range from mild burning and itching to a bleeding wound. They are due to an allergic reaction and is hard to treat.

     Most commercial soaps contain harsh ingredients.(And are often not even soap but detergents) The harsh content in this soap can lead to rashes, allergic reactions, and to eczema in worse cases.
Chemicals can strip our skin of its natural oils, making it prone to infection and irritation. In fact, medical practitioners highly discourage the use of commercial soaps as they can worsen eczema symptoms.

      Just using a pure homemade soap like ours is a great start. We add Comfrey herb to our Spearmint soap (and soon our peppermint. Which is a great skin herb. It was a great help to our daughter to use the soap often. We really liked the affects when using soap that contained the comfrey.  We also like to use Tea Tree soap. It is antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiseptic. Since her Eczema was pretty bad. (very thick, scaly, itchy and often would bleed) We found Tea Tree soap was a great option in keeping it under control. And infection away. 

  Our soaps contain coconut oil which is really great for skin and its issues. We use the same base ingredients in all our soap. And it helps keep in moisture. Which is really important when dealing with Eczema.
 The soap gave her relief and less itching/burning. We did still have to change her diet. We found she was allergic to wheat and a couple other things. Now She has no signs of eczema most of the time. If any spots show up we just give her a couple bathes a day and it leaves again quick.


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