Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cedarwood Soaps!

    I cant access my pictures at the moment. But Have to announce our soaps! They will be available on Monday Jan. 30th. These will be our January and February soaps. We just got our supplies later than we wanted to so they are both coming at the same time. Look for another scent in March!

   We have a Cedarwood and our DLM Shaving soap (which is lightly scented with Cedarwood) 
    I was sure Cedarwood was a very manly only scent. But now that I have made the soap
really like it! Mmmm! I would not have thought to buy it myself. But it was a suggested scent by a customer so I tried it.  It is one that will be here to stay for sure! So yummy!

    The shaving soap feels extra smooth and silky! I cant wait to try it out! Wish I had a shaving brush to play with!  I love the color the (bentonite) clay gave the soap too. 

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