Thursday, June 10, 2010

Orange Soap!

The benefits of our Orange Essential Oil can be attributed to its properties like anti inflammatory, anti septic, and anti depressant. The smell alone is said to lift the mood! Which I very much agree on. Yum! It smells just like a perfectly ripe orange!
It is known to have anti wrinkle properties as well! Which I (like many others) am finding as the yrs add on!
It's anti septic qualities may be able to might help us avoid both septic and tetanus as it inhibits microbial growth and disinfects the wounds. Which is a great soap to have around on the farm.
It serves as a detoxifier and is very good for maintaining a healthy, smooth and glamorous skin. It also may help cure acne and dermatitis.
We love our orange soap. And like all the rest of our great soaps you will find no fillers, artificial anythings or junk. Just plain goodness!

Our current batches are colored with powdered Tumeric. They are 2 toned. My children call them orange cream!

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